Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency adds new free bike helmet site

To help reduce the number of head and brain injuries, the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) opened its tenth free helmet distribution site in October 2014 at the Capitola Community Center on Jade Street. Both bicycle and multi-sport helmets are available free of charge to all residents of Santa Cruz County—both kids and adults—at all locations.

Use your brain, protect your head

The helmet should be snug and cover the top of the forehead such that no more than a space of two fingers is between the eyebrows and helmet. The side straps should meet in a "V" below each ear. The chinstrap should be adjusted so that one finger fits between the strap and chin. The County HSA website provides diagrams and instructions in both English and Spanish for proper helmet fitting. The following video from Manitoba, Canada, is humorous and educational.

Helmets should be replaced about every three years, or when damaged. A helmet that has been dropped, thrown, left outside exposed to the elements, or kept in the trunk of hot car may lose its integrity and provide insufficient protection in a crash.

Helmets should not have fashion attachments, like spikes, kitty or pony ears, unicorn horns, or tassels. When a helmet strikes the ground, it is best that the helmet skid along a hard surface and not get snagged by the attachment, twisting one's head in a potentially injurious manner.

California law states that all persons under eighteen years of age must wear an ASTM or CPSC approved, properly fitted, and fastened helmet as an operator or passenger when bicycling, skateboarding, roller-blading, skating, or using a scooter.

Additionally, the HSA would like to come to your school, business, or organization to provide a free helmet fitting and distribution, or to set you up as its next bicycle helmet fit and distribution site. Contact the Helmet Fit and Distribution Program Coordinators, Theresia Rogerson 831-454-4312 or Kithy Chavez 831-454-4317 for more information.

Helmet Fit and Distribution Sites

Call or email to schedule appointment or to verify hours of operation. If you cannot reach a site's contact person, please call the County's Helmet Fit and Distribution Program Coordinators, Theresia Rogerson 831-454-4312 or Kithy Chavez 831-454-4317.

Download the official Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency flyer of free helmet fit and distribution sites.


Capitola Community Center
Jade Street Park

Download cards or a flyer for the Capitola Community Center site.

Free Bike Helmet Capitola Community Center Free Bike Helmet Capitola Community Center
Cabrillo College Bike Co-op
Aptos or 831-477-3500

Santa Cruz

Bike Church
703 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz
831-425-2453 (Josh)
Mon, Tue, Thur: 3-7 pm
Live Oak Family Resource Center
1740 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz
831-476-7284 (Claudia or Erika)


Bike Shack
555 Main Street
831-206-2955 (Lorenzo)
Tues and Thurs: 4-6 pm
Pajaro Middle School
Pajaro Family Resource Center
250 Salinas Road, Portable 1
831-761-6633 (Rosemary)
Watsonville High School
Teen Resource Center
250 E. Beach Street, Room D7
831-761-6131 (Ruth)
Santa Cruz County Head Start
225 Westridge Drive
831-724-3885 (Maricela or Eddy)
Starlight Elementary School
Starlight Resource Center
225 Hammer Drive, Room 31
831-728-6979 ext. 5631 (Maria Carmen)
Cesar Chavez Middle School
Children's Resource Center
440 Arthur Road
831-761-6125 (Monica)

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