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Dropping AAA for Better World Club saves me over $500 per year and supports the environment

Written by Steve Piercy in money on Tue, Dec 30, 2014. Tags: Better World Club, AAA, American Automobile Association, membership, bicycle roadside assistance

Due to skyrocketing car insurance costs, I became motivated to do some comparison shopping. Along the way I discovered how the American Automobile Assocation is a lobbyist for more roads, more pollution, and more gas guzzling. Fortunately I found the Better World Club…

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Cheap mobile phone service from Republic Wireless

Written by Steve Piercy in money on Fri, Jul 18, 2014. Tags: mobile phone service, Motorola X, Republic Wireless

I love a good deal and I don't throw money down the toilet, especially when there are cheaper and better options. For what many people pay annually for unlimited cell phone service, I get the same service and attend one PyCon, including travel, lodging, and meals. There's no contract, and I can change my plan twice per billing period…

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