I work on projects for both paying clients and free open source software projects (FOSS).

Try the Demos of some of my projects listed in the sidebar.

Client Projects

A list of past client projects is summarized on my resume. As time permits, I will provide case studies of each client and how I fulfilled their website needs.

Free Open Source Software Contributions

I think people who create free and open source software (FOSS) are awesome. They volunteer their time to produce and give away software that we use every day, and in return they receive little appreciation or financial reward. Of course there are other rewards.

Programmers build communities around FOSS and create a wonderful place to share and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience. Python is FOSS, and its community has been the most welcoming, professional, and helpful group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They inspire me.

I like to give back to FOSS whenever I can, whether that is writing software or its documentation, leading hacking sessions and tutorials at local user groups, or creating screencast videos. A few projects to which I contribute are listed under the sidebar heading FOSS Contributions.

Giving Back

To support my FOSS efforts, please consider using GitTip to thank me (or any other awesome developer or organization). You can give as little as 25¢ per week.

Or for a one-time donation, you can use PayPal.

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